The PORSEC Association has standing committees concerned with the following issues: editorial, program at the next conference, training and education, public affairs, international affairs, finance, elections, the statues and by-laws, and awards.

Editorial – Responsible for the quality of the association’s publications.

Awards – Responsible for PORSEC awards.

Program – Responsible for reviewing ongoing large-scale global projects on climate and environment and making recommendations for special sessions.

Conference Organization (Local Organizing Committee) – Responsible for hosting and organizing the biennial conference of the Association.

Education and Outreach – Responsible for organizing events to improve the awareness of ocean remote sensing among the end users and public.

Public Affairs – Responsible for the promotion of ocean sciences and the fostering of scientific interest and capability in developing countries.

International Affairs – Responsible for review of the Association’s relationship to international bodies and national space agencies.

Finance Committee – Responsible for the financial management of the Association.

Specialized Appointed (Ad-hoc) Committees