Mission Statement

The PORSEC Association mission is to promote the open exchange of knowledge about the oceans and related atmospheric sciences and the use of remote sensing technology in oceanic research:

“The PORSEC Association supports the principle that the ultimate objective of this knowledge is to protect our oceans and atmosphere and promote sustainable use and development of oceanic and coastal resources.

A goal of the PORSEC Association is that its conferences will further understanding of the Earth’s environmental processes such as climate variability, the effects of the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), oceanic hazards such as tsunamis, tropical and extra-tropical cyclones, sea level rise, and other climate change effects and the effects of pollution through exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The PORSEC Association aims to provide better opportunities for scientists, especially from developing countries, for learning and applying state of the art techniques related to ocean remote sensing, including space and underwater technologies, as well as associated data management and information technology.”