Newsletter 3 – January 2006

PORSEC Newsletter 3,

January, 2006

To all of you from the Executive Committee of your Association

A Happy New Year, 2006!

Letter from the President:

Dear Members of PORSEC Association,

We have now opened up the PORSEC web-page. Have a look:

It has a secure members only section. You will get separate login instructions for that page.

We must all thank our Executive Secretary, Dr. Gad Levy, and his colleagues at Northwest Research Associates in Bellevue, Washington, for their diligence and use of their talents to prepare this web-page for us (all volunteer effort). Others have helped provide material and we are grateful for those contributions also. If you want to add something about PORSEC’s previous meetings, its history or any other information regarding remote sensing for the Association’s membership, please send a message to gad at with a copy to me, katsaros at . Between the two of us we will see how we can be fit it into the web-page.

Our good news is that the hosts for the PORSEC 2006 in Busan, Korea, November 7-10, have a good plan. There is a link on our web-page to their call for papers. The deadline is in June, 2006, but we should all start thinking about our participation now. A first call for papers was sent directly to the membership and can be accessed also through our web-page as well as at the bottom of this newsletter. Professor Yoon, who is the Technical Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, is soliciting suggestions for special symposia (see below) . Please contact him directly at : yoonhj at

Courses before and after the Conference are being planned with support from the European Space Agency and UNESCO likely. We shall soon approach several U.S.A , Canadian and other agencies as well. Let us encourage young people in the region of the meeting (East Asia) to apply for support to come and take advantage of these special opportunities. Matching support from the home country is often expected, if at all possible. Prof. Werner Alpers (Germany) and Dr. Pascal Lecomte (Italy/France) (both well known from earlier PORSEC’s) will provide more information about the courses they are organizing in the next few months. There will be at least one course on Synthetic Aperture Radar, possibly a cruise on a Russian ship with lectures. All information will be posted on the web-page, but it will take some time to get all the details worked out.

Hoping to see many of you at the PORSEC 2006 in Korea.

Yours truly,

Kristina Katsaros,

PORSEC Association President


Below you ‘ll find a first announcement about PORSEC 2006 received from Prof. Yoon via email (but without the nice images and graphics—go to the listed web references to see proper announcement). It may NOT be the final version, but is a so-called “heads-up”. Be sure to check on the PORSEC web-page later on for more symposia announcements.

Space of East Asia


Joint Conference of International Symposium on Remote Sensing and

Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference

Deadline for abstracts submission: 15 June 2006

Notice of paper acceptance : 30 July 2006

Deadline for full papers submission : 1 September 2006

The Korean Society of Remote Sensing

PORSEC Association

Standing Committee of Environmental Monitoring

from Space of East Asia

The Korean Society of Remote Sensing

Call for Papers


The joint organizing committee of International Symposium of Remote Sensing and The international Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC) Association invites all remote sensing academics, scientists, researchers, engineers and students to ISRS 2006 PORSEC which will take place in BEXCO Busan, Korea on 7-10 November, 2006. Ever since the first symposium was held in 1992, the ISRS has grown as one of very successful remote sensing conference internationally. No country alone can adequately provide the observations required to understand, monitor, and predict the complex workings of the global atmosphere, oceans, and terrestrial systems. A concerted integrated and international effort is essential to organize global observations, and to derive benefits for all humankind. The PORSEC Association is paving the road to accomplish this objective. The international scientific community is actively communication on how to best derive scientific information and applications based on remote sensing including Earth observing satellites from various space agencies. This has led to the creation of PORSEC, a prestigious international society in ocean and atmospheric remote sensing. We would like to ask you to participate in this unique and exciting opportunity to share and to experience the latest information regarding all aspects of remote sensing and related spatial information technologies.

Suggested Topics

Please indicate on your abstract the most appropriate topic from the list below to your paper. In addition to the suggested topics listed below, we also encourage submissions on research and applications of the new technologies in the remote sensing and spatial information fields that you may want to share with.


Deadline for abstracts submission :

15 June 2006

Notice of paper acceptance :

30 July 2006

Deadline for full papers submission:

1 September 2006

ISRS Sessions

New Generation of Sensors and Applications

Data Processing

Microwave Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing of Atmosphere

Remote Sensing of Ocean

Remote Sensing of Land



Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS

GPS and Photogrammetry




PORSEC Sessions

Global climate Change

Medium-range Climate change. ENSO

Regional Applications

Remote Sensing

Technologies and New developments

General and cross-cutting topics

Special session (or Symposia) (tentative)

For additional and detailed information or questions, please contact the Executive Director of KSRS The Korean Society of Remote Sensing (KSRS) c/o Department of Information System Engineering, Hansung University 389 Samsun-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-792, Korea E-mail: kilee at Tel.: +82-2-760-4254, Fax: +82-2-760-4347

For anyone wishing to propose a workshop and/or special session(such as national

remote sensing program, multi-national research projects, etc…) please contact the

Conference Technical Chair Prof. Yoon, Hong Joo (yoonhj at for instruction.